Hide and seek

I refrain from using such lines but this year has just flown by! Everyday, the time alarms me to come along but then it also ends up telling me that there is no hurry and I have begun to enjoy it. For a change, experiments are happening more in the kitchen than in powder room. I have been busy doing up my place. Will show you soon what all I have been up to. 
Weather is all game for some hide and seek here. And on one of these windy-sunny cold days I decided to go sweater-less and just topped off the look with the newest addition in my closet, my Himachali cap. Surprisingly, I could feel Spring in this colourful, quintessential Autumn piece.



Anokhi button down dress
Old juttis (bought from Amritsar)
Silver finish kamarbandh
A big hello from Melbourne! What's up with everyone? Well, I have been managing to survive in a hotel since over a month. Not only because H&M is right opposite this place, Topshop is less than fifty meters away and Acne is on the way to the grocery store. It is the ever evolving fashion of CBD that hits me the moment I step out of the hotel. 

All this while I have been in a learning mode. Getting to know the places around, become more comfortable with the au dollar, cooking almost everyday and of course, hunting for a decent house. 

Spring time has officially begun in Aussie land, although the chill is yet to bid adieu. Thankfully last Sunday gave a great summer preview and resisting to celebrate the bloom of flora here couldn't have possibly happened. Dressing up in pink rose print, belted with kamarbandh and jadau juttis, was how I did it.


What's happening...

In exactly 25 days I will be off to Melbourne to start a new chapter in my life. Got to know about it almost a month back but it took time to sink in and then to pen it on the blog. Since then things have just been in a wrapping-up state and I have been drowned in a flood of calls for selling stuff.

All this has taken my attention away from By the Wear. I couldn't participate in Swarovski's #styleyourwaytoparis contest, have a number of unread emails in my inbox and wouldn't be visiting Lakme Fashion Week this time. This obligation has piled on a lot on the virtual blog table and I can't wait to settle down to share it with you all.

More than being excited about what Aussie land has in store for me, I am melancholic about leaving India, my favourite people and places here. But I know that the much said friendliness of people there and their immense love for fashion will make me come back to life.

And in this chaos, I somehow managed to visit Dastkaar that happened last Sunday in Bangalore. Thoughts of moving-away from the country got me a little emotional and I ended up shopping quite a bit. Needless to say that all these will be by-the-worn soon.

P.S Thank you Dheera for this wonderful sketch. 


Horse Warrior

Most of you must be following the Quirk Box blog on tumblr. But in case you missed it, here's the third outfit I styled for their latest collection. The turquoise and black horse warrior print didn't demand much of accessorizing. But the vintage Rajasthani necklace packed a punch. And I am back at my favourite backdrop in Bangalore. Everything looks great against these white and coral walls. Isn't it!

Talking about Bangalore, few of know it but I am officially going to announce something really soon. 



M&S Visor
Vintage Rajasthani Earrings

I am usually not inclined to prints and had my doubts before receiving this twosie from Quirk Box. But from un-wrapping the package to dressing up, all those questions faded away and I felt great. So for all of you who think quirky may not look classy, you should reconsider.
The answer to scorching heat is none other than cheerful prints in happy colours. Although this pair is overdosed with bright parachutes but its well-thought-over backdrop changes the game.
Crop tops still raise a few eye brows and drop jaws on street but the modest length of the skirt hits the right spot of the conscious-Indian-me.
A non-sporty visor and heritage silver earrings are all it took to chic-en things up.


Camouflaging camo

Decathlon T-Shirt
Suede Waistcoat from Goa
Titan watch
H&M sunglasses
Arrow brooch from Dilli Haat

I realize, this time no excuse would work. The silence became longer than I expected. My health demanded a weekend-ly attention so I took a pause for two full weeks.

This look got put together quite inadvertently. Only when a friend in office said that I am all brown today, my reflex was "I guess I am camouflaging camo". The next moment I decided to put this look on the blog. Just threw in my new Jeffery Campbell heels and I got dolled up in this military chic.


Annai Leather

Visited my restful retreat, Auroville over the weekend some days back. The place is well known for its leather and if you take a stroll around Auroville you'll find innumerable small shops with artisans busy making bags, footwear and other leather accessories. This one shop, Annai Leather, has become one of my must-visit shops every time I am here. I don't need to recommend this guy to anyone. Apparantly, his work has crossed international boundaries and has been walking on the fashionable streets of cities like Paris and Milan. He will take the challenge of all kinds of flat sandals and shoes. Here's a glimpse of my new addition straight from his hands.


Poka shell paranda

Thrifted sunglasses
Forever 21 boots
Toe rings worn as midi rings
A sort of grunge one for this week. I am still flirting with the idea of adding little doses of Indian accents to my style. The poka shell paranda is actually a belt that I picked up from Soul Sante (I have a few more Soul Sante surprises due to share). My uncanny teenage dream of having long braid with a paranda hanging in the end seems to have come true. 


New vintage

Vintage denim maxi dress
Zara top
ASOS booties
Got this vintage denim dress a while back from Delhi but never got a chance to put it up here. The last button is missing and that area has got distressed with time. Armhole seems to be a bit bigger and the adjustable strap at the back doesn't really adjust the waist too well. Yet this piece has become BFFs with quite a lot of tops I own. Here I have tied an old scarf around my waist for a Bohemian vibe. It's giving a whole new dimension to the denim. Isn't it?...Your thoughts?


Quintessentially Indian

Meet my most recently added wardrobe-piece I bought from Soul Sante. I love this quintessential Rajasthani tribal necklace for its coin-metallic tone and statement-making appeal. And its not just another neckpiece... If you google Rajasthani jewelry you'll see that such neck pieces were worn by brides to stay protected from evil. Another interesting bit were the two twenty five paisa coins dated 1987 and 1975 placed on either side of the bold hook. A thing of real beauty and its certainly going to catch a lot of attention.