Tesselaar Tulip Festival

Only cropped jacket (Old)
Ikat dress stitched from Delhi (Not Ikat but similar)
ASOS brogues (Similar)
Ikat Handbag from Orissa Emporium (Similar)
Although in Spring time, entire Melbourne is like an on-going flower show but its 7 day tulip festival is what officially made me feel that its summer again. Last Saturday was not a planned flower-watching weekend. It was while driving to a neighboring beach that we heard Smooth FM talking about the Tulip Fest. And there we were resetting our GPS to Monbulk Road, Silvan. Another weekend, another long drive and we see us amidst a million tulips singing under the sun. I was looking for reasons to wear this Ikat dress and what could have been more perfect than a vibrant backdrop like this.  


ASOS 70s Sisters

Ribbed Jumper, Flare Jeans, Peacoat (All ASOS)

Whole of the fashion world is tuned to the 70s frequency. Denim on denim, suede-everything, bell-shaped bottoms and sleeves, button-placket skirts and je t'aime (pun intended). Who doesn't love the flare 70s had and celebrating it is a necessity of today's nostalgia-gripped times.

ASOS Australia teamed up with seven bloggers to revive seven style icons of 1970s. I along with The Fashion Heist, Bam It's Joanne, Death by Luxe, Tanarah, Winston and Willow and Metallic Paws were asked to pick up any one of the 70s style sensations and come up with an outfit inspired by their style.
To be completely truthful Jane Birkin became my first choice because I have the same hairstyle as hers. But after watching a documentary on the life story of this fiery liberated singer I was smitten by her. Jane made a rebellion through her carefree distinct style as much as through her voice. Her way of dressing appears so effortless yet it is tricky to achieve. Her style was all about flare jeans, Tees worn with sleeves rolled, minimum jewellery and unkempt bangs. I don't know how much justice I did to her style but she surely made me learn lots about her intense personality.


IFFM 2015

IFFM Equality Fashion Show became a night to remember not only because it was a celebrity-studded event but watching these home-grown stars walk the ramp in Melbourne for a good cause was inspiring. Five Indian and International designers' work came together for a silent auction with all proceeds going to Royal Children's Hospital of Melbourne. As for me, I sighed looking at the spectacular creations by Anamika Khanna (one of the participating designers) while Instagram-ing the show :). Not only her, there was Gaurav Gupta, Melbourne-based Indian designer Roopa Pemmaraju, Susan Dimasi and Richard Nylon's work too. It's IFFM's fourth year and the event has becoming bigger and better with each passing year. This year's guest of honour was Anil Kapoor and the show was stopped by none other than Sonam Kapoor. It was a house full as Melbourne's best dressed Indians came flaunting their finest Indian designer wear. And as the theme demanded an Indo-western outfit, I chose to wear my fail-safe lambaadi neckpiece with lace pants and a slouchy sweater. The best part about the show was getting to meet some like-minded Indians who have been working in the fashion Industry for years here. Now I already can't wait to attend IFFM 2016!

P.S Thanks Divya and Erin for making me a part of this unforgettable evening.


Hawkeye Vintage

Even on the coldest Sunday Melbourne has had in past 20 years, the day turned out to be quite action-packed. We shot these super hot pieces from Hawkeye Vintage, a local vintage couture company, sourcing the highest quality designer brands from around the globe. The 'hawk-eye' picked lurex dress made me feel no less than a 70s music star. But the real star was the cropped wool jacket I propped over my shoulders. Pure wool jackets with quality tailoring have become a rare-find these days. I am still distracted by the one-off collection of outerwear I saw at their warehouse. Luckily they are hosting a three-day pop-up event where I can get to see all those hero pieces I have lingering on my mind. Starts tomorrow.. be there!


The winning dream

Vans shoes
Bangles from Udaipur
I have dreamed to wear Pero ever since I sat for their first show and the India trip gave me a chance to collaborate with my favourite designer. Felt so special wearing this handmade piece all soaked-up in love. And don't even get me started on talking about the craftsmanship. Hand-stitched button holes and embroidered flowers blooming all across it and yet felt so breezy even under the scorching 40-degree weather, this dress put a big smile on my face. After getting a closer look at a few pieces in real, I now understand how Pero signifies 'love' in all of their collections. You feel truly loved by the maker of the garment and the dress really communicated the great effort that's put in to create every bit of its detail. A deep bow to you Pero.


The coldest June

H&M dress and tights
Old bag bought from Auroville. India
Vintage fur key chain

Its been a crazy life lately. We got back from almost a month-long trip to India last Sunday and a few minutes before I started to write this post, Mr. Hubby asked me to look up for some good holiday destinations in Melbourne. The madness really got into us. So much to do and so many people to meet that time just kept slipping away!
The 3 week long headache is finally over and I am happily back in Ozland. This is my first winter in Melbourne and till now the coldest ever. Even too much layering doesn't seem enough. Like this one, where I am wearing a top under a pure wool high neck. Over it there's a long dress and finally an Alpaca sweater.  I couldn't miss the tights even after this heavy layering. Again, did not really put my brains into this outfit. Layering comes naturally with the cold. The more random it is, the better it looks!



Vintage Scarf
This white lace dress is a dream! A fine chantilly-esque piece that feels like butter when it touches the skin and makes me feel so special. Not falling for it would be unreal. But wearing it the way it is doesn't justify my style. So I decided to play around with it! :)
Isn't the dress over pants combo the most interesting fashion lesson of this season? And by the look of this, I feel this trend is going to take over all my layering lessons so far. Not only is it keeping me shielded from the chill but also deepens my ever growing love for layering. The gorgeous dress came with a slip but was naturally replaced with the leatherette pair you see me wearing. Leather and lace, a perfect case of attracting opposites. They cannot stay away from being together. So, all I did was follow their vibe. 



Handmade leather bag from Auroville
I and prints have been in a casual affair ever since it all started. Have been times when I didn't want to see any prints in my closet and now it looks like I have fallen back for them. Went bonkers for this floral print pair when I first spotted it at Topshop. But then I ask myself that is it the new 70's wave that I am caught up in? My Bohemian side is experiencing a serious fondness for beautiful prints. I at times crave for neon to make a comeback. To put it simply, I am all for this mish-mash of the bygone and the new.